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A simple mandating portugal

Walkers: Venture through the lush, green mountains of Madeira.

Fly to: If you’re going to the Algarve, you’ll arrive at Faro Airport (FAO) which is 4km west of Faro.

Fish is fresh and plentiful across Portugal and it plays a big part in the Portuguese diet.

The most traditional fish dish is bacalau, a velvety soft salted cod, often served with sliced potatoes and rich cream.

If you’re in Madeira, visit Porto Moniz to see its unusual giant black lava rocks.

One of the best places to visit in Portugal is the small island of Porto Santo, known for its azure blue waters and honey-coloured sands.

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In the Algarve, most menus will feature cataplana, a mouth-watering stew of pork and fresh clams, cooked and served in a traditional copper pan.

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