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Ternovsky is now giving notes to Adobe's developers to help them improve the new feature.

Ternovsky did make good on that pirated copy, by the way, and purchased a Wowza license once his site was a viral success.

Unfortunately, Ternovsky didn't have the money for Wowza, either, so he cheated a little and used a pirated version with a cracked serial number.

Once Wowza was running, it almost immediately crashed.

The two systems are used about equally, since many users don't meet Flash 10's technical requirements.

In case you haven’t heard, Chatroulette is a site that allows users to chat via Webcam with random, anonymous people on the Internet.

The site was created by a 17-year-old in Russia late last year and has since spawned article after article, including in the mainstream press.

He wanted something that would work out of the box.

The answer was a combination of Flash Player 10's peer-to-peer ability and the Wowza Media Server.


While the next version of the site is still undecided, after his current round of meetings in California, it seems unlikely that Ternovsky will be working on those changes alone.

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