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Cory monteith dating lea

Monteith liked to talk about how intimidated he felt by her accomplishments and how nervous he was to meet her, a thought that still makes Michele smile."From the minute I met Cory, I was like, This is the most handsome man I've ever seen in my whole life," she remembers., but "no one really caught on," the actress says."I know that Cory would want nothing more than for me to take this situation and use it to help people. I don't know how."So far, Michele's response has been to just give herself time; the 27-year-old actress pushed back the release of her as-of-yet untitled solo record into 2014. "And you have to be very strong to come out of this alive, but I think by doing the best for myself, by showing that you don't have to lose yourself, maybe someone else will feel some sort of strength or comfort."When we first met William Mc Kinley High's football captain, no one would have suspected the clean-cut actor playing him had a drug problem.Monteith was raised in Victoria, British Columbia, mostly by his mother, an interior decorator.

In addition to winning six Emmys and four Golden Globes, the show's soundtracks have sold more than 13 million copies worldwide, helping to fuel several Live! By marrying over-the-top musical numbers with issues of sexual confusion, racial conflict, and the awkwardness of adolescence, the show also reshaped what network television could be.He worked as a roofer, drove a school bus, was a Walmart greeter, and eventually started taking acting classes.Then, a video he made of himself drumming on Tupperware with pencils in his kitchen got him cast on had been developed with Michele in mind.By late 2011, Monteith and Michele were officially a couple."One day we just looked at each other and we were like, 'You wanna do this?

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