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Dating as an actor requires that you be all the things that make you an actor: tough, tenacious, histrionically confident, extremely attractive, and generally a great pleasure to be around (better than everyone else, the best to be around).

It requires you to really, fully put yourself out there.

So go on your next date with the same gusto you take to auditions.

Of course, down the road, I don’t care if you hate ‘Bye Bye Birdie’!

I made it a habit of not giving my last name or email out until after the first date.” In short, wait until the second or third date to hand out information that will abet online stalking.

But then it’s like, OK, you know all my issues now; what are yours?

So there’s that inequality you start with, too.” Kirkpatrick favors a slower, more measured approach.

Julia Granacki, whose web series “Hot Mess” features all number of dating disasters, says many people out there have no qualms about stating exactly what they don’t want in addition to what they do. Writer–solo performer Brigham tells an almost identical story.

NO ACTORS NEED APPLYBad news: That headshot you used for your Ok Cupid profile might be scaring off potential mates.

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Both Brigham and Granacki, however, admitted to using their headshots for online dating profiles. Yes and no, says actor-singer-screenwriter-dater Cam Kirkpatrick, who likens the “actor couple” to the “new baby couple.” Only instead of binkies and diapies, all the actor couples talk about are agents and 32-bar cuts.

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