Dating structo toys sedating cats for plane travel

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Dating structo toys

225.001939 FAO SCHWARZ Toy Catalog - New York World's Fair Edition. outdoor toys; pedal car; metal fire pumper; house building blocks; Blockcraft; American Logs; Bill Ding Clowns; Tootsie Toy Freight Train and Naval Fleet boxed sets; stuffed dolls; Clippo and Lucifer marionettes; two gun holster and cartridge belts; cowboy and Indian outfits; wooden boat and airplane model kits; lots of dolls and accessories: Wendy Ann; Anne Shirley; etc.; board games; Gilbert Glass Blowing set; Auto-Magic picture gun; costumes; lots more! board games; hand held electronic games; Battlestar Galactica; Micronauts; Matchbox; video games; Erector Sets; Star Wars; Marvel Super Heroes; Lego; Tente; trains; Stretch Armstrong; ROM; Alien; Mego; Breyer; Viewmaster; slot cars; space toys; Cox; robots; Ertl; lots of dolls. hand held electronic games; Viewmasters; doll houses; Breyer horses; Ertl; Tootsietoys; Corgi; Megos; ROM; Godzilla; Krusher; Micronauts; Star Wars Empire Strikes Back; Matchbox; slot cars; Lego; trains; Barbie; lots of dolls. T.; Emergency and other TV Show toys; Mego superhero dolls; Space:1999; Star Trek dolls; G. Joe; Fisher Price; diecast cars; battery operated; Cox gas powered; trucks; slot cars. Kenner Girder & Panel; Cox Gas powered; Trains; Aurora and Cox slot cars; Ideal TSR slotless; Tonka; Buddy L; Mego; Six Million Dollar Man; Stretch Armstrong; Starsky & Hutch; Emergency; S. Mickey Mouse Newsreel with sound; Mousegetar; Poor Pitiful Pearl doll; Mattel famous Burp Gun and Tommy Burp Gun; Whirly Bird. Corgi diecast; Triang diecast ships; Spot-On diecast; Dinky diecast; Mamod Steam; Scalextric slot cars; Wrenn slot cars; Triang Minic electric powered cars; V. color pages of dolls including: Valentina Dancing Ballerina; Doreena Ballet Tour; Sis-teen; Good Fairy walking doll; The Jantzen Girl; Tear Drop; Holiday Princess Bride. Model Book is 130 pages; fully illustrated with Triang; Hornby Dublo; Trix; Marklin; and Wrenn; HO and OO scale trains and accessories. Wood model kits by Yeoman; KK Jr.; Keilkraft; Jetex. Gas engines; and plastic model kits by: Airfix; Aurora; Kitmaster; Frog Deluxe; Palmer; Monogram; Revell. slots sets; Lone Star diecast 000 railway sand more. Slot cars from Airfix; Champion; Minic; Scalextric.


Sesame Street; Fisher Price; Willie Nelson picture guitar; John Schneider guitar; Firebird pedal car; slot cars; trains; Cox gas powered; battery operated; G. Joe; Star Wars; Ertl; handheld electronic games; dolls and lots more.

Holiday items including 3 pages of Halloween items; snow globes; yo-yos; plush animals; magic tricks; push puppets; and tons more. 7.50 1930's vintage advertising brochure for COLUMBUS WESTFIELD BICYCLES. 4 Pages; color graphics of 9 different bicycles made by this company from Westfield; Mass.

Includes: Anne Shirley Dolls from "Anne of Green Gables"; Patsyette suitcase Trousseau; Boy Scout items; BB Guns; Log Cabin playhouse; King Arthur Tent; sand toys; Sand toy "groupings" that included Disney Long Billed DONALD DUCK Bisque figure; large Queen Mary balsa wood kits; Lionel Speed boat; Streamline Coaster Wagon; Electric Buckboard; sports items; camping items; flashlights; "Captain Salt in Oz" book; a great Punch & Judy puppet theater with 12 different hand carved puppets; Australian "Bingo Bears" stuffed bears; Long Billed Donald Duck stuffed doll; tinplate windup AUTO RACE set (kind of like a pre-cursor to slot car racing).

Donald Duck dolls; stuffed animals and teddy bears; hunt stable; farm yard; riding school; Jing-a-Ling circus; milking cow; Noah's Ark; Dy-Dee Family dolls; Patsy Family; Anne Shirley Dolls; Princess Elizabeth dolls; Dolls of Foreign Nations; doll houses and accessories; Lock Blocks; Skyline Builder; handicrafts; English Castle with Guards; Strombecker historic locomotive wood model kits; American Logs; Bricky Building Sets; marionettes; marionette stage and marionette kits; board games; puzzle kits; Tom Hamilton Pigskin football game; Lionel Speed Boat; Hoge Popeye Rowboat; other mechanical boats; Lionel Airplane; Meccano airplane and motor car sets; gas powered airplanes; steam engines; Trix railways; Lionel trains; toy soldiers/knights; etc; Elastolin; Britains; pressed steel and tin windup cars/trucks/motorcycles etc.; lots of costumes; sports equipment; Christmas decorations; Schuco windups; children's books.

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Cover says "We hope you will use this folder to acquaint your toy dealer with your desire to buy the various TRU-SCALE toys described herein.

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