Does updating my ipad delete my pictures

Posted by / 23-Aug-2016 13:07

Does updating my ipad delete my pictures

But, because of the case and because the magnets don't engage in the vertical position, it's not as secure and can slip off the stand if bumped.I just bought the Apple Silicone case for the i Pad Pro 9.7.Note: - Not only Camera Roll photos, but also Photo Stream, Photo Library, My Albums, Photo Share, even Photo Video can be synced to i Pad.- When syncing photos from i Phone to i Pad, you won't lose any previous photo on your i Pad.

In this post, we show you the detail about how to sync photos from i Phone to i Pad with i Cloud and i Tunes, and offer you one i Phone to i Pad transfer tool as an alternative way when i Cloud Photo Stream not working or i Tunes don’t sync.

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Follow us to turn on My Photo Stream with following steps: Tap on both of your i Phone and i Pad: go to Settings Note: - i Cloud only saves the last 1000 photos for 30 days, so remember to save those photos to other albums on your i Pad, or they will be removed automatically if your photos exceed 1000 or the storagetime is longer than 30 days.

- Syncing photos from i Phone to i Pad required that you should use same Apple ID on both of them.

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And i immediately noticed that while there are speaker holes at both top and bottom, the bottom holes are actually covered on the inside!! Why on earth would Apple make a case for the new i Pad Pro 9.7, make holes for all the speakers, but then cover them up on the inside at the bottom speakers!??