Golddigga dating

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Golddigga dating

After all, isn't a woman who sleeps with a man for money - or at least for extensive use of his credit card - called something else?

In Priceless, Audrey Tautou is locked out of her hotel room by one wealthy lover, leaving her standing shivering in a bikini.

In Sophie's world, being a golddigger is par for the course. 'I have friends who are dating rich men just to get designer clothes and jewellery, and one who was seeing a 50-year-old just so he would pay for her to have breast implants,' she says.

Rachel Mac Lynn is head of global membership for millionaires-only networking service Seventy Thirty.

The gaggle of wannabe WAGs hovering outside any nightclub frequented by Premier League footballers is proof that there is an increasing number of women who believe that far from having their own life and their own job, the notion of being a human leech is to some degree a preferable career. A glamorous-looking young woman appears on the screen. I write as someone who could have taken the gold-digger route on two occasions. When he arrived, his chauffeur gave me a look as I got in which said: 'So, you're the new one? Listen to Sophie Sharp, a dancer from Bromley in Kent, who says: 'I've always been into expensive clothes and accessories and think nothing of paying £400 for a dress.

As evidence that bleeding a man dry is on the up, there is now a fashion label called Golddigga and even websites such as ' At the restaurant, the maitre d', who clearly knew my date well, did the same thing. But on my earnings it was hard to afford everything I wanted.' Well, um, yes it would be.

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Jess Kent, 23, a promotional assistant, is the daughter of a surgeon and a teacher from Northampton.