Internet dating red flags expert dating advice

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Internet dating red flags

Let people decide if they want what you’re offering. If you encounter someone like this then run for the hills!!Red Flag 4: False Relationship Status Anyone who’s online dating has experienced those who SAY they’re single but really aren’t. If you’re lucky they will tell you once you start chatting, but many aren’t so upfront about it. The red flag is that the person acts more like a “pen pal” than someone who actually wants to meet you in person. They also only talk to you at certain times and it’s rarely in the evening or on the weekend.If you’re single, you’ve most likely tried online dating. Problem is that, unfortunately, many people by nature aren’t honest. But there’s one challenge, it’s online, so, you don’t always get to see the whole picture, only the one the others want you to see.Red Flag 5: Stretching the Truth about Body Type Most people stretch the truth about their body type in their online dating profile. That’s why I discourage posting professional pictures in an online dating profile.Whether it’s their height or weight or physique, it’s typically untrue. In my top do’s and don’ts of online dating profiles I mention that you are the product that needs marketing.Your picture is your logo and you need to have a good one.I suggest three pictures – one head shot, one body shot (that shows your true body type) and one picture demonstrating you doing something you love.

This is common with people who are “in between jobs” or unemployed or have a not so sexy job title.If you’re online dating and weeding through profiles, there are some red flags you need to be wary of.Top 5 Online Dating Profile Red Flags When you’re online dating, take everything you read and hear with a “grain of salt”. Just because they say something in their profile doesn’t mean that it’s the truth.The red flag here is that their profile is a reflection of their true intentions and how serious they are to meet someone.If they don’t put in some effort or if they display their baggage you need to move on.

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Red Flag 1: Empty or Negative Profile How many times have you clicked on someone’s profile and read “will fill this in later” or “ask and I’ll tell you”?

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