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John turner web cam

From there, we will go back to my arrival date on this worldline.Then we will have to drive to Minnesota, sell the current vehicle and get another one that would have been around in 1975.The cold blue glow of the CRT monitor was a portal into another world entirely – big, mysterious, and with no fixed identities.

So Titor was at least a very well-informed hoaxer – a computer scientist or enthusiast who used his knowledge well.

“I will be happy to post pictures of the unit.” Questions followed.

Titor answered them, some copiously, some cryptically.

For a few years, John Titor’s legend passed around the net, drawing power from the paranoia of the Bush years.

A company called the John Titor Foundation, registered in Florida, started selling merchandise and even a book called John Titor: A Time Traveller's Tale. “Western stability” did not “collapse” the year after, and mad cow disease did not become rampant. After the failure of these predictions, most of the Titor activity online died down. In 2009, a report by John Hughston, who runs the Hoax Hunter website, named Larry Haber, a Florida entertainment lawyer, and John Rick Haber, his computer scientist brother, as the men behind John Titor.

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Today, there are little shrines to his name all across the internet. Titor's actual target was the year 1975; he was making a stopover in 2000 for “personal reasons”.

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