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She shows up later with a shiner and a thirst for revenge.She bullies “Johnny Football Hero” (Keegan) until everyone except manly Scott slinks away to hide.Is it possible that this ankh-man is the ride-or-die dude Katie needs?

He goes right in for the hug, attempting to dick-poke her because that’s went men do.She’s just your typical woman on the hunt for her "ride-or-die guy.” Keegan tries to run from her, but Katie came to this tropical island to wrap her bare legs around someone on a tandem zipline. They strap into the harness and meld together into one flying naked blur. Until someone forgets to pull the handbrake and Katie’s face slams into the stopping block. Luckily, the producers let you put your clothes on to go to the hospital.Of course this is not the last of the unsinkable Katie.VH1 should thank her for providing an accurate tagline.In the end, however, the rules of heartwarming teen movies prevail: the Prom Queen choses the nerd.

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She’s stripped of clothing, blacked of eye, waving her middle fingers to the sky — “F*CK YOU VH1!

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