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Teen guy blue eyes sex chat

This helped to encourage the 14 year old girl to also run her fingers down her pussy. Between me, a horny father, and my equally aroused daughter. “I want you to fuck me long and slow, hard and deep daddy. Do it.” My cock was now at its deepest, hardest and most erect and with each passionate stab I thought I could feel my daughter’s cervix. ” All of a sudden the 14 year old’s eyes closed tight and her whole body shook. The climax her very I gave her was the most enthralling if immoral pleasure Bella had ever experienced. C’mon, fuck that baby in me.” I pushed my dick as hard as I could into my beautiful daughter. Daddy’s going to make you pregnant, give you a baby.” My balls twitched and contracted.

After much saliva spilling from her throat, I pulled out and proceeded to throw her on the bed for the best part. The motion was subtle, but I could feel it and I started to shift my position. “Mmmmm…daddy, it feels so good,” Bella said finally breaking off her french kissing “can you push your cock in me deeper? ” “I’ll try pumpkin” I replied, drawing back then returning my cock into the taut slickness of Bella’s pussy. The way my sweet child had been transformed by lust and careful pleasuring into a writhing, crying teen demanding my dick was like a pure shot of adrenaline, making the incestuous lover ache with desire. I stayed plugged inside her shuddering vagina as my daughter’s orgasm finally struck. “That’s it sweetie, that’s my girl,” I groaned as I encouraged her to let the spasms overtake her body’ “cum for daddy. And plant my seed for that baby.” “Ohhh yes please daddy,” Bella sighed in the thrall of her orgasm. “You want me barefoot and pregnant, your own daughter huh! ” She babbled lustily trying to get me to spill my spunk where she wanted it most. This was it; the most intense, most immoral and most erotic moment of my entire life. ” Bella wailed and begged as she sensed that I was ready to explode.

“Just think of all those microscopic wriggling sperm cells from your daddy trying to make a baby in you darling.” My cock twitched, my crazy lewd comment stirring my lust again.

My cock was semi-flaccid but still wedged up inside my daughter’s soaked pussy, plugging all the copious globs of semen inside Bella.

Bella’s tongue rubbed my cock over and over, and then with my surprised acceptance she let me probe further. ” “Goddamn, I love you, wanted you for so long, need your dick dad. After about 3 or 4 minutes the we had finally tossed aside all nervousness and worry about the taboo we were breaking. She wondered to herself whether she wasn’t just her father’s lover and daughter. The thought both thrilled and shamed her, and almost immediately she began to squeeze my prick with her cunt. ” I let forth a gush of lewd chat as I punched into my daughter’s cunt again and again with my prick. It was as if every restraint, every barrier, every hang up that had been delaying her development into a sexual being were being destroyed on the same bed she once slept in snuggled up to her teddy bears.

Before she was fully conscious of the action, Bella was taking my cock deeper into her throat — only the best oral pleasure that the most experienced fucking whore could manage. We were fucking like rabbits on heat, and it was amazing. “I want to feel you cling to me as I fuck your cunt.” Bella panted as she agreed. The glans repeatedly smacked into the slick clitoral hood when I drew it out then pushed it back into Bella’s pussy. The man who was responsible for liberating her was the same man who had brought her up to be a good girl, had given her all the love a child could ever hope for.

Her lips mashed together with mine and then she drifted down on her knees with my erect cock front and center to her face. ” My daughter ran her fingernails down my back whilst she had her cunt pumped with ever increasing depth and vigour by my dick. The sheets and pillows were strewn around by the two squirming bodies, and the room reverberated to our dirty chat. You’re my little fuck slut baby, daddy’s teasing horny slutty daughter.

Story Title: Through her Father’s eyes Author’s Name: jx2006 Content Codes: Mf, first, impreg, m Dom, incest, oral Celebs: Bella Thorne Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. My cock was primed, nestled against the slippery pink lips of Bella’s juicy pussy. “Here it is darling; daddy’s going to bust your cherry.“One quick stab and I’ll make the pain go away princess”, I whispered in Bella’s ear, now that my erection was hard up against the membrane that would soon be ripped away. The sensation was just as I had expected, and Bella’s tight cunt was hard put to take all of my manhood.I kissed her on her cheek and then reared back a little, edging my cock a little away from her hymen. Meanwhile, underneath, my daughter was grunting in spasms of pain and pleasure — her vagina now slick with the mixture of her own pussy juice, my pre-ejaculate and the hymeneal blood that was released when I tore her maidenhood. “Yeah…but now that you’re inside me it feels a little better. Dad; it’s like I have this really throbbing wet fullness down there,” her eyes glancing down towards where I am locked cock-in-cunt “and it’s good now daddy.” “I love it too honey.Inflaming both our passions the incestuous father and daughter coupled for more feverish minutes until I exploded a second time in Bella’s pussy.And as Bella looked back at my sweating flushed face (having crawled onto her hands and knees before my second orgasm and her third that night) she knew that she was bred for daddy, bred by daddy.

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