Updating eris to android 2

Posted by / 04-May-2015 11:22

Updating eris to android 2

HTC makes the phone even more customizable by adding a feature called Scenes.

It's a big improvement over the first-gen Android phones and it removes one of the last remaining advantages of the i Phone's browser.

The Android interface, with its icon-based main menu, is familiar, but we're disappointed that the Droid Eris comes only with Android OS 1.5. In addition to a light sensor, the screen has a built-in accelerometer so the screen orientation automatically changes from portrait to landscape mode when you rotate the phone.

Be aware that the feature only works in certain applications, such as photos, the Web browser, and e-mail.

We occasionally had to press the Menu button a couple of times for it to register, but it wasn't a big problem.

You also get some physical controls, including a Talk and End/power keys and a trackball navigator.

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On the bottom of the display are three touch controls for the main menu, a home screen customization menu, and the calling menu.