Who is jenny dell dating psp anime dating sim english

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Who is jenny dell dating

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While we claim to be good at many things here at Player Wives.com, thankfully telling the future isn’t one of those things.

The Red Sox had a helluva ride during Dell's days with the team.

That might be part of the reason Dell wants to move on from NESN – it’s probably difficult to cover a team when you’re dating one of the infielders.Jenny Dell, who's the sideline reporter for the Boston Red Sox, has just been reassigned to another position within her TV station NESN, because apparently, she's been involved with Will Middlebrooks, the Red Sox's third baseman.Although Dell is just now being reassigned for the 2014 season, rumors of her relationship to Middlebrooks started to pick up in the fall of 2013, and it was officially confirmed when the couple was outed in a social media post. Middlebrooks did, as he sent out a tweet showing him and Dell together on New Year's Eve.After all of predictions (Jen Royle, Molly Sullivan and Erin Hawksworth) failed one after the other, NESN went ahead and hired someone who wasn’t even on our radar.Meet Miss Jenny Dell, the newest NESN Boston Red Sox reporter and Heidi Watney replacement.

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"NESN has an active search for a Red Sox sideline reporter," said Gary Roy, a NESN spokesperson.

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