Who is lil romeo dating 2016

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Someone said: "Man there should be a film led by a cool female lead..she should be like Blade, but also powerful, like a werewolf..tragic, like she dies..then she comes back! So she should be like a vampire, werewolf, zombie chick, but hot, definitely hot..she should be based on some kick-ass fairy tale babe, like little red riding hood, killing wolves and all that..my god! " And then someone else was like: "Done."Unfortunately rather than writing the whole thing while high/drunk so it becomes some crazy, wacky cult classic, they instead sobered up and tried to give some legitimacy to their idea by giving it a serious plot, which becomes ludicrous in conjuncture with such a concept.The actors all trying to play the entire thing straight makes it way more boring and way more unintentionally stupid than it needs to be.As he stated, her name is Toneata Morgan, and she’s a college student and beauty queen who recently placed as the fourth runner up in the Miss CA Teen USA pageant.The two were even in an ICDC College commercial together recently.My angel wings represent them,” he wrote in the caption. Only GOD can judge me.” What do you think of Romeo’s picture and comments? Got my tats starting at the age of 15 when I lost my two cousins. The stars have my immediate family members initials in them and GOD going down my spine. On Friday morning (January 27, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Romeo Miller and girlfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.Romeo Miller is an actor, rapper, entrepreneur, basketball player, model, and lgendary rapper Master P’s son.He is the youngest person to hit #1 on the Billboard 200, a record previously held by Michael Jackson.

Her name is Toneata, not just ‘a new blonde.'” Miller said all that before giving his girl a kiss in front of the cameras.

”“What the hell is going on with our black men!?!?! I believe in interracial couples, but only for the right reasons.

”“You’re a fraud a** hick for this sh*t”“I didn’t even have a chance. Not because you think a white women[sic] is better than a black one.”“Smh…not once I seen a ‘sistah’ on your arms”“Welp…another one who went “left”, lol…”But there were many people defending Romeo and his lady, going back and forth with detractors:“Be happy ! I have always loved black men, but I recognize the beauty in every race and every culture. A black man wanting a non black woman does not bother me unless he demeans black women and tries to say they are beneath other races of women…There is too much focus on race. A beautiful soul outweighs physical beauty.”“I love how the first people to yell racism are the first people to hate on an interracial couple”“Yes it’s his girlfriend.

Romeo also speaks on his parents getting a divorce and how his new project ‘Fighting Monsters’ addresses his recent family issues.

On Do Lc/ Rapper-actor Romeo Miller is in love, but his fans aren’t showing him any love back.

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I can see why famous folks aren’t too crazy about sharing their personal business with the public when it comes to their love lives.